I’m Failing at Pinterest

I joined Pinterest awhile ago but didn’t do much with it until today. I was looking for a cool hostess gift to make for an upcoming holiday party and started pinning away. Unlike the usual boards, I decided to be honest with what I called each of my boards:

“Crafts I’ll Probably Never Do”

“Let’s Buy These Ingredients and Forget Them In Cupboard”

“Fun Stuff for Kids Who DON’T Think Trying to Glue Each Other’s Butt Cheeks Together is a Craft”

“OMG, Is This For Real?” – This one includes a pin on “How to become a Human Table.” It’s a thing – look it up.

I decided I needed to finally get rid of the Thanksgiving leftovers tonight and so I tried out one of the amazingly simple looking ideas; Thanksgiving Stuffing Waffle.

It should have looked like this:


It ended up looking like this:


I believe this is called a, “Pinterest FAIL.”

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