Listen Children, Listen Well

Listen children, listen well,
You don’t have to die
To experience hell

You don’t need scars to bear wounds cut deep
You don’t need misery
To have cause to weep

You need only it seems, to be born not white
To have pigmented skin
From just tan to dark night

Listen little children, take heed of my words
So many are still caged
Wings clipped like birds

They fear their neighbors, maybe even you and I
They fear the police
And strangers walking by

Our whiteness is something that gives us a pass
To live fiercely and loudly
To challenge authority with sass

Please listen, dear children, with heart, mind, and soul
This hatred is spiraling
It is out of control

We need you, sweet children, to choose love instead
No matter a person’s color, their size
Or who sleeps in their bed

I’m begging you, children, be better than us
Because if you can’t
Then we all will be lost

This post was syndicated with permission from Jessica Cobb. To read more from Jessica, visit her website at Domestic Pirate.

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