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28 Answers To Hope You Are Doing Well

When someone says, “Hope you are doing well,” it’s a nice way of showing they care about you.  This simple ...
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28 Funny Replies When Someone Says I’m Busy

Have you ever needed help with what to reply when someone says he is busy? It’s like hitting a roadblock ...
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30 Romantic Replies To I Need You Text

You’re enjoying your day and suddenly, you receive a text from your boyfriend saying, “I need you.”  It’s a message ...
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How To Respond To A Happy Thanksgiving Message?

We all receive a Happy Thanksgiving wish or text message on Thanksgiving. But you might be unable to figure out ...
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22 Funny And Flirty Replies to Happy Birthday

Everyone says boring “Thanks” in reply to Happy Birthday, no matter if they are family or friends. As we all ...
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