How to navigate any situation with clever comebacks & disarming humor through your responses.

33 Playful Flirty Responses To You’re Sweet

Compliments like “you are so sweet” can be the best source to boost your energy and confidence. But, do you ...
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How Was Your Day Flirty Response To A Guy

“How Was Your Day Response To Crush” can be very plain, but this question is a great way to improve ...
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25+ How to Respond to a Pity Invite

So, you got a last-minute invite, and it makes you feel bad, right? We get it! But, responding to a ...
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40+ Professional & Funny Ways To Say “I’m Down”

Saying “I’m down” is cool, but it’s a bit old and boring now; it should bring fun. Are you ready ...
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30 Best Flirty Response To “I Need You” Text

Have you ever felt a sensational feeling when someone said ‘I need you’? It’s a sweet mix of excitement, uncertainty ...
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