How Was Your Day Flirty Response To A Guy

“How Was Your Day Response To Crush” can be very plain, but this question is a great way to improve your relationship and show interest.

Instead of a simple reply, try “flirty responses” to a guy or girl asking about your day & spark communication.

How Was Your Day? Flirty Response To A Guy can be a bit tough, but not anymore, with these great examples.

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How Was Your Day Response To A Guy Flirty

  1. Was rough until a minute ago.
  2. Great, but your smile and touch were missed.
  3. It started rough, but talking to you made it better.
  4. Just fine, but missed you, babe.
  5. Not too great, sweetie. How about yours?
  6. Could’ve been amazing with you there.
  7. The day was dull but the night was great because of you.
  8. I’ll spill about my day at midnight.
  9. Fair, but your presence was missed.
  10. The day was full of surprises, but you’re the best.
  11. Okay, but it was lacking one thing… you!
  12. Every moment without you felt wasted.
  13. Average until I started daydreaming about you.
  14. Busy, but always time for you.
  15. Missed you, the missing piece of my day.
  16. Talking to you makes everything better.
  17. Feels like paradise now, especially talking to you.
  18. My day was a noisy, chaotic microwave.
  19. If my day were a movie, it’d be a hilarious mess.
  20. It was a busy day; even my coffee needed a boost.
  21. My day was Murphy’s Law in action.
  22. So crazy, I’d put it on reality TV.
  23. Caffeine and chaos ruled my day.
  24. My day was like a funny, messy haircut.
  25. A squirrel stole my lunch today. That’s a true story, haha.
  26. Mastered the art of napping today, so relaxing.
  27. Had its moments, but talking to you now makes it better.
  28. Not too great! Yours? Anything fun?
  29. It’s a mixed bag, but I’m grateful for it.
  30. It was a busy day, but I made it through.
  31. Good, thanks! How was yours?
  32. I had an interesting day but can’t spill it all yet.
  33. It had its moments, and I can’t wait to share it later.

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Flirty Response To How Was Your Day

How was your day? Your response to a flirty text from a guy or to a girl should contain a bit of spark and romance.

These flirtiest and most charming responses can give sweet compliments in your conversations.

Was going bad until a minute ago.

This response tells about something negative that was happening.

Still, there’s a positive change, hinting at a shift in mood due to their interaction with you in this conversation.

Good, but I missed your smile and touch.

It delivers satisfaction with the day but also adds a flirty touch through their presence and physical affection to you for them and theirs to you for highlighting the desire for closeness and intimacy.

It was terrible before, but it’s better now since I’m talking to you.

You are playfully suggesting that the day started poorly but has improved significantly due to this conversation with the guy. It is going to flatter him due to his presence.

It was just fine, but I missed you, babe.

It suggests that the day was ordinary, unremarkable, or not joyful, but you add a flirty twist by expressing affection for the guy with the word “babe.”

Not so good sweetie, but how was yours?

You playfully acknowledge a less-than-ideal day while calling the guy “sweetie,” and inviting him to share his experiences by offering comfort or support.

It would have been great if you had been there.

You are lightly flirting by telling them that the day could have been fantastic if the guy had been present, that you were missing his company, and that now you are potentially sparking interest in spending more time together.

The Day was boring, but the night was great because I had you.

It contrasts the boring aspects of the day with the enjoyable presence of the guy during the night you had yesterday with them, and now, you are hinting at the excitement of spending time together again.

I’m going to tell you about my day at midnight.

You are teasing the guy and promising to share details about the day in the mid-night or late-night conversation while adding mystery, excitement, and a physical way of talking and flirting.

It was fair, but not enough with your presence.

You are telling them the day was satisfactory, but it could have been even better with the guy’s presence.

By flattering him and telling them that his company would have enhanced the experience for you, you could have made it even better.

My day was full of surprises… but you’re the best one so far

A playful compliment to the guy by likening him to the best surprise of the day and suggesting that his presence is unique for you in your life with a little syringe of flirt.

It was okay, but missing one key ingredient… you!

This response humorously suggests that the day was average without their presence and that he is an essential and delightful component that would have made the day much better.

Every moment without you felt like a wasted opportunity.

You are romantically telling them that every moment without them feels unfulfilled, and you are also hinting at his presence and the meaningful experiences you have together.

Average until I started daydreaming about you.

Your day was simply unremarkable until thoughts of the guy sparked in your eyes, adding excitement and joy to the moments and conversations with the flirt.

Busy, but always time for you.

You tell them that you were busy all day, but despite being busy, you always have time for them. You prioritize him in the relationship and add a flirty touch to the conversation.

My day was missing a little something… oh wait, it was you.

You felt incomplete until the guy came to mind, and you indicated that his presence was what was lacking or what you needed to make the day perfect with a bit of humor and flirtation.

It’s better now that I’m talking to the most fantastic guy.

A charming compliment to the guy by referring to him as the “most fantastic” will significantly improve your and their mood and might interest them in the conversation.

It’s just another day in paradise, especially now that I’m talking to you.

You had a very good day, which you are calling a day in paradise, but you emphasize the enjoyment and presence of the guy to bring joy and flirt in the interaction or text.

Funny Response To How Was Your Day

Sometimes, you must add fun and humor to your response to your day.

And injecting humor into your texts and responses isn’t tricky anymore with these funny responses:

My day was like a microwave, full of noise and chaos.

A humorous and funny comparison of the day to a microwave, by telling them about the chaos and noise you have experienced and hinting it as a hectic day.

If my day were a movie, it would be a comedy of errors.

A humorous comparison of the day to a comedic movie suggests that your day was filled with mishaps, issues, and humorous or awkward situations while sparking laughter with the guy.

My day was so busy that even my coffee needed a coffee.

You exaggerate the busy day’s routine so that even coffee requires additional caffeine, but with humor, to get the job done. 

My day was a perfect demo of Murphy’s Law in action.

You humorously invoke Murphy’s Law and suggest that everything that could go wrong did go wrong during the day, which adds a relaxed touch to the conversation.

Crazy! I’m submitting it for the next reality TV season.

You humorously describe the day as eventful and remarkable enough they could be featured on reality TV, but it’s just inviting the guy to share in the humor.

My day was sponsored by caffeine and chaos.

Your day was heavily driven or fueled by caffeine due to the chaos you had to experience funnily or touch to conversation and navigate through the day’s challenges.

My day was like a bad haircut: uneven, a little messy, & laughy.

It’s funny how you compare the day to a bad haircut due to the unevenness, messiness, and twists or turns that can happen in a barber shop with your hair, and you are now relating it today for a conversation with the guy.

A squirrel stole my lunch today; this is how it was.

It is the simplest and probably the funniest humor you can deliver in response to explain your day. 

Like it’s impossible for a squirrel to steal your lunch, your day was impossible, too, but you somehow made it through and are now sharing your experience with laughter.

Today was relaxing because I mastered the art of napping.

Your day was relaxing, and you are highlighting the achievement of mastering the art of napping in a playful way to add a relatable touch to the conversation.

Best Response To How Was Your Day

The best response should be polite, cheerful, and conversing to make them suitable for relationships.

Take inspiration from these best responses to how your day was:

It had its moments, but I’m here now, so it’s improving!

It acknowledges that the day had its ups and downs but also emphasizes the improvement now since you’re engaging in conversation with the guy for a good day, adding a flirty and optimistic tone to the talk.

Not too great! How about yours? Has anything exciting happened?

You tell them that your day wasn’t fantastic, but then you shift the focus to them by asking if anything exciting happened in their day and steering the conversation towards more interesting topics.

A mixed bag, but I’m grateful for it.

Your day had a mixture of positive and negative experiences, but you emphasize gratitude for the overall experience since you are happy about it. 

Also, it is a mature and optimistic way to invite them to share their experiences.

Pretty busy, but I managed to get through it.

Despite a busy day, you highlight your ability to handle it successfully with resilience and competence. 

Then, you also tell them about their guy’s presence, which could have made your day even better.

It had its moments, some I can’t wait to tell you about later

Your day was memorable and exciting, and you will share it with the guy later.

It hints at your desire to deepen the connection through storytelling by adding a flirty element to the conversation and making them interested.


How to “respond to how your day was from a guy in a flirty way” can take hours of thinking.

With these proven replies, you can confidently flirt with them as your half-work is done.

The only job left is to choose the “best how was your day response” according to the specifics of your relationship.

So use them and start making your conversation with the crush flirty and joyful.

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