38 Best Funny & Flirty Replies To “What Are You Doing?”

Has anyone ever asked you, “What are you doing?” and caught you off guard? 

Sometimes, the regular answers just don’t feel fun, especially when you’re in the mood for a laugh.

A funny reply can surprise people and make the conversation much more interesting.

Check out these 38 funny and flirty responses to”What are you doing?” to keep the conversation fun and interesting.

38 Funny Replies To What Are You Doing Infographics 1 38 Best Funny & Flirty Replies To "What Are You Doing?"

38 Funny Replies To “What Are You Doing?”

  1. Trying to teach my dog how to play chess.
  2. Writing a novel about my epic grocery-shopping adventures.
  3. Imagining what life would be like if I were a potato.
  4. Testing the limits of my couch’s comfort.
  5. Searching for the end of the internet.
  6. Learning how to speak dolphin.
  7. Planning my next big escape from reality.
  8. Trying to communicate with aliens using my remote control.
  9. Perfecting my pancake flipping technique.
  10. Having a staring contest with my reflection.
  11. Trying to make my plants laugh.
  12. Inventing a new language using only emojis.
  13. Investigating why my socks always go missing.
  14. Recreating famous movie scenes with my pets.
  15. Solving the mysteries of the universe… or at least my closet.
  16. Practicing my Oscar acceptance speech.
  17. Seeing if I can balance a spoon on my nose.
  18. Trying to remember the lyrics to my favorite song.
  19. Planning my next great adventure… to the fridge.
  20. Daydreaming about being a superhero with laundry-folding powers.
  21. Counting the number of times I can blink in a minute.
  22. Rehearsing my acceptance speech for the “Best Couch Potato” award.
  23. Designing my dream castle out of marshmallows.
  24. Writing a love letter to my favorite snack.
  25. Experimenting with new ways to wear a blanket.
  26. Playing hide and seek with my own shadow.
  27. Training my goldfish for the next Olympics.
  28. Taking a virtual tour of my imagination.
  29. Plotting my next big prank on my cat.
  30. Seeing how long I can balance on one foot.
  31. Trying to find the meaning of life in my cereal bowl.
  32. Practicing my ninja moves in the hallway.
  33. Trying to invent a new type of sandwich.
  34. Writing a song about my love for naps.
  35. Searching for buried treasure in my backyard.
  36. Playing rock-paper-scissors with myself.
  37. Imagine I’m a contestant on a cooking show.
  38. Trying to break the world record for the longest yawn.

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Teaching my dog the art of chess

This reply is funny because it plays on the idea that chess is a complex game that requires strategic thinking, something dogs aren’t typically known for.

Crafting a novel on my wild grocery shopping adventures

It suggests there are unexpected twists and turns in your shopping trips, perhaps encounters with unusual foods or hilarious grocery store mishaps.

Pondering life as a potato

This reply is funny because it imagines the inner thoughts and feelings of a very ordinary object, a potato.

Pushing my couch comfort to the limit

It takes the comfort of a couch, typically a place to relax and do nothing, and pushes it to an extreme.

Hunting for the internet’s end

It creates a humorous image of someone on a pointless quest, searching for a physical endpoint to a virtual network that stretches around the globe.

Mastering dolphin language

Dolphins are known for their intelligence and complex vocalizations, making it a language quite different from human speech.

Planning my escape from reality

We all have moments where daily life feels overwhelming, and this response playfully expresses the desire to check out for a bit.

Trying to signal aliens with my remote

It creates a humorous image of someone pointing their remote at the sky, hoping the aliens understand the universal language of button presses.

Flipping pancakes like a pro

The humor comes from the unexpected seriousness applied to a common breakfast activity.

Having a staring match with my reflection

This reply is funny because it plays on the idea of a staring contest, typically done with another person, but here you’re challenging yourself against your own reflection.

Entertaining my plants with jokes

It creates a silly image of you telling jokes to your houseplants, hoping they’ll laugh (even though they can’t) and it’s a lighthearted way to show how much you care for your plants.

Creating a new emoji-based language

Creating a new emoji-based language means I’m inventing a way to communicate using only emojis. It’s a fun and creative way to send messages without using words.

Investigating why my socks vanish

 It creates a humorous image of someone seriously investigating the disappearance of their socks, like a detective on the case. 

Reenacting movie scenes with my pets

This response to “What Are You Doing?” is funny because it takes a normal activity (watching movies) and adds a playful twist by involving your pets.

Unraveling universe mysteries (or closet mysteries)

This suggests you might actually be cleaning out your closet and dealing with the unknown contents you find hidden away in there.

Practicing my Oscar speech

It’s a way of playfully showing confidence or maybe even poking fun at yourself for being a bit dramatic.

Balancing a Spoon on My Nose challenge

Balancing a spoon on my nose challenge means I’m trying to keep a spoon steady on my nose without it falling off. It’s a playful and tricky task that tests my balance and patience

Recalling childhood song lyrics

Recalling childhood song lyrics means I’m trying to remember the words to the songs I used to sing when I was a kid. It’s a fun trip down memory lane, bringing back happy and carefree times from my past.

Planning my fridge adventure

Planning my fridge adventure means I’m thinking about what tasty snacks or meals I can find in my refrigerator. It’s like going on a little food exploration to see what I can cook up or enjoy right away.

Daydreaming of laundry-folding superheroes

Daydreaming of laundry-folding superheroes means I’m imagining myself as a superhero with the incredible power to fold laundry at super speed and perfection. It’s a fun way to make a mundane chore feel exciting and heroic in my imagination.

Counting blinks per minute

Counting blinks per minute means I’m keeping track of how many times I blink my eyes in one minute. It’s a curious and simple activity that helps me understand a bit about my own body’s rhythms and habits.

Rehearsing for the “Best Couch Potato” award

Rehearsing for the “Best Couch Potato” award means I’m practicing my skills at lounging and relaxing on the couch. It’s a playful way to imagine myself as the champion of leisure, perfecting my ability to unwind and enjoy downtime to the fullest.

Designing a marshmallow castle

Designing a marshmallow castle means I’m planning and creating a miniature fortress using marshmallows as building blocks. It’s a sweet and creative project that combines imagination with a tasty treat.

Composing a love letter to my favorite snack

Composing a love letter to my favorite snack means I’m writing a heartfelt message expressing my admiration and affection for the delicious treat that always satisfies my cravings. It’s a playful way to show appreciation for something that brings me joy and comfort.

Experimenting with blanket fashion

Experimenting with blanket fashion means I’m trying out different ways to drape or wear a blanket creatively. It’s a cozy and imaginative way to stay warm while having fun with how you accessorize at home.

Playing hide-and-seek with my shadow

Playing hide-and-seek with my shadow means I’m having a playful game where I try to hide from or chase after my shadow. It’s a whimsical way to enjoy some light-hearted fun and see how creative you can get with finding new hiding spots.

Coaching goldfish for the Olympics

 It creates a silly image of you seriously trying to train your goldfish for athletic competition, even though it’s impossible.

Touring my imagination

This reply to “What Are You Doing?” is funny because it takes something intangible, our imagination, and makes it seem like a real, physical place you can visit.

Plotting pranks for my cat

This reply is funny because it takes the typical cat behavior of being a prankster and flips it on its head.

Testing one-foot balance skills

It’s a way to playfully downplay what you’re actually doing while acknowledging you’re taking a quick break or stretching.

Seeking life’s meaning in cereal

Seeking life’s meaning in cereal means I’m humorously pondering deep thoughts while staring into my bowl of cereal. It’s a light-hearted way to reflect on existence while enjoying a simple breakfast.

Practicing ninja moves in the hallway

This response to “What Are You Doing?” is funny because it takes a specific skill (being a ninja) and puts it in a completely ordinary location.

Innovating sandwich recipes

Innovating sandwich recipes means experimenting with new ingredients and combinations to create unique and delicious sandwiches. It’s a creative way to elevate my lunchtime routine and discover exciting flavors.

Writing an ode to naptime

Writing an ode to naptime means I’m crafting a poetic tribute to the joy and rejuvenation that comes from taking a peaceful nap. It’s a heartfelt way to express appreciation for those moments of rest that recharge my energy and spirits.

Hunting for backyard treasure

It means you’re exploring your backyard in search of hidden or forgotten treasures. It’s a playful and adventurous activity that sparks my imagination and brings a sense of excitement to exploring my own outdoor space

Playing solo rock-paper-scissors

Playing alone removes that entirely, making it a pointless but perhaps entertaining exercise and it describes you’re doing nothing.

Imagining I’m on a cooking show

Imagining I’m on a cooking show involves pretending I’m a contestant or host in a televised cooking competition. It’s a fun way to experiment with recipes and showcase my culinary skills as if I were on television, adding a bit of flair and drama to my time in the kitchen.

Attempting the world’s longest yawn

Attempting the world’s longest yawn means I’m trying to see how long I can stretch out my yawn, aiming to break a record for the longest yawn ever. It’s a silly and lighthearted challenge that brings me some amusement and relaxation.

What To Reply To How You Doing

Responding to “How are you doing?” can sometimes feel automatic, but your answer can set the tone for the conversation. 

Whether you’re catching up with a friend, chatting with a colleague, or meeting someone new, having a thoughtful and genuine response can deepen connections and show that you’re truly engaged. 

Check out these savage replies to what you are doing to make each interaction meaningful and memorable.

  • Avoiding responsibilities like it’s an Olympic sport.
  • I am trying to figure out how to care less.
  • Ignoring my problems like they’ll disappear on their own.
  • Just casually avoiding everyone who asks that question.
  • Deciding whether to nap or pretend to be productive.


When someone asks you “What are you doing?” you’ll have a range of funny & flirty responses to choose from. 

These savage replies can turn a usual question into a moment of laughter and connection.

Whether you’re imagining superhero duties while folding laundry or contemplating the meaning of life in your cereal bowl, these funny answers add a touch of light-heartedness to everyday conversations. 

So hold the humor and keep the laughter flowing in your interactions.

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