Be You

You are not your mother
You are not your father
You are wholly, uniquely, wonderfully, perfectly YOU

You bring to this world a new way of looking at things
You bring to people a beautiful compassion and empathy for their feelings
You share with the world your creativity, your intelligence, your learnings, and someday you will teach

You will help others understand their gifts
I believe this
You will love others, so that they feel whole and safe
I believe this
You will make others laugh, feel joy, and want to pay it forward
I believe this

You already contribute so much to the people around you and the world
The energy you put out flows, it flows to every person you come into contact with
That energy informs every thought you have
Be loving in that energy
Send the positive, loving energy you hope to get BACK, out into the world at every opportunity

Even when things are hard, especially when they are hard
Even when people disappoint you, especially when they disappoint you
Even when the energy around you is ugly, especially when it is ugly

We humans tend to fight against reality
We get frustrated because things aren’t what we want or hope
But we cannot control others
We can only control our reactions

Of course people are going to be mean, they feel insecure
Of course people are going to hurt you, because they hurt
Of course people are going to get angry with you, because people are scared
Of course people are going to disappoint you, because they’ve been disappointed

DON’T let this change YOU
Don’t let others tell you things about yourself that are not true
Don’t let others tell you how to think, what to believe, how to worship, who to worship, what to fight for, who to love, how to love, when to love, why you love – just LOVE
Just be YOU

You already are a gift
You are good
You are whole
You are exactly what and who you need to be
You have so much to give, so much to teach, never forget that

You are going to continue to be a gift with even more to give, bigger gifts to share, and so much goodness
I can’t wait to watch you grow

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