26 Another Ways To Say Thanks For The Reminder

“Thank You for the Reminder” is fine until you use it once in a while, but isn’t it boring if it’s now your habit?

We use thank you reminders in formal and informal replies, meetings, calls, and emails.

If you want to know another way to say thanks for the reminder, be happy since here we have the best and most professional thanks for the reminder replies you can start using right now.

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26 Another Ways To Say Thanks For The Reminder

  1. Thanks for letting me know.
  2. Appreciate the heads-up.
  3. Thanks for keeping me informed.
  4. Thanks for the timely reminder.
  5. Thanks for putting me again in the loop.
  6. Thanks for the friendly reminder.
  7. Thanks for looking out for me.
  8. I’m grateful for the prompt, thanks!
  9. Thank you for bringing this up.
  10.  I’m grateful for the reminder.
  11. Thanks for the nudge.
  12. Thank you for the update.
  13. Thanks for the notice.
  14. Thanks for keeping me posted.
  15. I’m thankful for the reminder.
  16. You saved the day with that reminder! Thanks a bunch.
  17. That reminder came in just at the right time, thanks!
  18. Whoops, almost forgot! Thanks for jogging my memory.
  19. You’re a lifesaver! Thanks for reminding me.
  20. High five for the reminder! You’re the best.
  21. Whew! Close one. Thanks for catching that for me.
  22. Feeling on top of things today, thanks to your reminder.
  23. You’re a mind reader! Thanks for the perfect reminder.
  24. Couldn’t have done it without your reminder. Thanks.
  25. Thanks for having my back with that reminder.
  26. That reminder was a total win! Thanks for that.

Grateful for the prompt, thanks a ton.

You are showing appreciation for the reminder while using a friendly tone, and “thanks a ton” is a casual way while you’re saying the reminder was helpful and you’re sincerely grateful for it.

That reminder came right on time, thanks.

A very straightforward and casual way to thank someone for a reminder that arrived at a perfect moment, preventing you from forgetting something important. 

Nearly slipped my mind, thanks for the reminder.

You are conveying gratitude for the reminder while acknowledging its importance in an informal language.

Appreciate the heads-up.

It is a formal way to acknowledge being informed about something, in a more direct way to thank someone for a reminder, but still professional while emphasizing the usefulness of the reminder.

Thanks for keeping me on track.

In this phrase, you are emphasizing the positive outcome of the reminder they just sent as it helps you in staying focused while remaining professional in tone and word choice.

Your reminder saved the day, big thanks.

You are highlighting the role they just played in avoiding a missed deadline and showing appreciation for their kindness and consideration.

Great catch with the reminder, thanks.

You are focusing on the fact that the reminder helped you avoid missing something important a forgotten detail before it slipped away from your mind, in a more informal way of saying but still showing appreciation.

Thanks for being my reminder.

You are expressing gratitude and respect in a friendly way since it positions the person who gave you the reminder as a helpful assistant to ensure you won’t forget something important just going to happen.

Your reminder was perfectly timed, thanks.

A straightforward expression of thanks that highlights the reminder’s usefulness, which simply means the reminder arrived at the ideal moment for you and prevents you from forgetting something important.

Couldn’t have done it without your reminder, thanks.

You are praising the essential role of the reminder in achieving a task, completing an event, and reminding you about an important matter to the successful outcome, showing appreciation for the support they just gave.

Big thanks for your reminder support.

You are combining thanking someone for both the reminder itself and the act of supporting you by giving it.

“Big thanks” emphasizes your gratitude, while clarifying that you appreciate their help in remembering something important, as a friendly way to show thanks for them going the extra mile.

Your reminder was spot on, thanks.

This clarifies you’re thanking someone for reminding you of something in a casual way to say the reminder was perfectly timed and exactly what you needed to simply show your gratitude towards them.

Grateful for your reminder, thank you.

This particular reply goes beyond a simple thanks and shows you’re truly thankful for their importance while what you’re grateful for in a polite way.

Thanks for the helpful heads-up.

It is a friendly way to thank someone for giving you a useful warning or reminder while it clarifies what you’re thanking them for in a casual way to show appreciation for letting you know in advance.

Your reminder was spot on, thanks a bunch.

You are again clarifying who you’re thanking for reminding you of something for exactly what you needed and couldn’t have been more accurate in a more informal way for showing extra appreciation.

Thanks for the timely reminder, much obliged.

You are combining thanking someone for the reminder and expressing a stronger sense of obligation to directly acknowledge them and helpful timing more formally and politely.

Grateful for your helpful reminder, thanks.

This goes beyond a simple “thanks” and shows you’re truly thankful for the reminder’s importance while clarifying what you’re grateful for in an informative and polite way since it made things easier for you.

Your reminder was right on time, thanks.

Again, a straightforward way to express thanks for a well-timed reminder for reminding you of something at a perfect timing when you needed it to avoid forgetting something important quickly and politely.

Thanks for the reminder, much appreciated.

It is a simple and polite way to directly acknowledge the reminder while focusing more on your appreciation beyond a simple “thanks” so it shows the reminder was valuable to you in both casual and formal ways.

Appreciate your prompt reminder, thanks a million.

You are thanking them and showing that you genuinely value the reminder which clarifies what you appreciate quickly right when you need it in an informal and friendly way to show a high level of gratitude.

Thank You For Reminding Me Formal Email Replies

Suppose you are crafting formal email replies and want to ensure professionalism in response to reminder replies. In that case, you need to do it a bit formally instead of using a casual tone.

These email replies as an example can help you get a clear idea and avoid any mistakes in writing your emails.

I’m grateful for the reminder.

This is a simple and sincere way to express thanks for a reminder and shows you are truly thankful for it. It also highlights the importance of the remainder and how it helps you in casual and formal settings.

Hi Jimmy,

I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the reminder you provided earlier. I’m grateful for the reminder & your support is truly appreciated.

Best regards,


Thanks for the nudge.

This is a casual way to thank someone for a reminder, particularly when it gently prompts you to take action. 

Hi Jimmy,

I wanted to extend my thanks for the gentle nudge you provided earlier. Thanks for the nudge, your reminder was timely and greatly appreciated as it helped me stay focused.

Warm regards,


Thank you for the update.

A polite and professional way to acknowledge receiving new information as it works well in various situations,  from receiving a project status report to learning about a recent change in plans to keep everyone informed.

Hi Jimmy,

I hope you’re having a great day. I just wanted to say thank you for the update you provided earlier. Your efforts are truly valued.

Best regards,


Thanks for the notice.

Again, a polite and simple way to acknowledge being informed about something in a formal setting of upcoming deadlines or minor changes to procedures, concisely and professionally.

Hi Jimmy,

I wanted to express my gratitude for the notice you provided earlier. Thank you for that notice and your attention to detail is greatly appreciated.

Warm regards,


Thanks for keeping me posted.

You acknowledge them about being informed about something in a formal way for non-critical information.

Hi Jimmy,

I wanted to extend my thanks for keeping me posted on the recent updates. Your regular communication is invaluable and helps me stay informed.

Best regards,


I’m thankful for the reminder.

This goes beyond a simple “thanks” and shows you genuinely appreciate the reminder’s importance, an option to work well in casual and formal routines to effectively convey your appreciation without being wordy. 

Hi Jimmy,

I trust you’re doing well. I just wanted to thank you for the reminder you provided and I’m truly thankful for your support.

Best regards,


Besides these replies, here we go again with a few more responsive and best thank you reminders to go with:

  • Appreciate the update.
  • Thanks for the tip.
  • Thanks for the update.
  • Appreciate the timely memo.
  • Thanks for including me again.
  • Thanks for the helpful note.
  • Thanks for watching out.
  • Grateful for the prompt, thank you.
  • Thanks for mentioning this.
  • Appreciate the prod.
  • Thanks for the news.
  • Thanks for the alert.


When somebody takes time to remind us of an important thing, we must show gratitude.

The best way is not to simply say thanks for the reminder reply, but, to use alternative ways to express dedication so they can also know you truly meant that from the bottom of your heart.

If you can’t come up with other replies to thank you reminders, this guide is purposeful for you to learn informal and formal thank you for reminding replies.

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