What To Say When Someone Says See You Soon

When someone says, “See you soon,” they expect another encounter with you soon.

It can be a bad impression if you don’t know what to say when someone says, “See You Soon,” or how to respond to a “see you soon” message.

With plenty of replies to see you soon, you can now go fearlessly and effectively in your chats.

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What To Reply When Someone Says See You

Now, how to answer “see you”, follow these examples and take inspiration or even use them:

  1. Farewell for now, see you soon.
  2. I’m excited to greet your smiling face again soon.
  3. Anticipating our joyful reunion.
  4. Take care, and I will catch up with you soon.
  5. Let’s pick up where we left off next time.
  6. Counting down until our next meeting.
  7. Sounds like a solid plan, see you then.
  8. Keep in touch and plan to meet soon.
  9. Of course, see you soon, buddy.
  10. Thanks. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon, too.
  11. I am eager to catch up with you soon.
  12. Wishing you a safe journey until our imminent reunion.
  13. Absolutely, can’t wait to see you soon.
  14. That sounds good. Let’s catch up then.
  15. Don’t forget to bring snacks next time.
  16. I’ll do my best to remember your face until then.
  17. I’ll have the cannons ready for your grand entrance.
  18. Agreed, only if pizza is involved.
  19. Missing our conversations already, see you soon.
  20. I hope we can meet up again soon.
  21. Thanks, and I’m looking forward to our next encounter.
  22. That sounds good, I appreciate it. See you soon.
  23. Hope to see you then, at the Marriott. Goodbye.
  24. See you soon, take care.
  25. Looking forward to our next engagement.
  26. See you then, buddy.
  27. Let’s catch up soon, take care.

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The Best See You Reply In Chat

The best “See you” reply in a chat is one that conveys positivity about the upcoming reunion and is concise, friendly, and genuine.

Here are the “best see you reply in chat” for you to use now!

Bye, for now, see you soon.

This response allows for a temporary departure or farewell while expressing joy for a future meeting in a friendly way and seeing each other again soon.

Can’t wait to see your smiling face.

You are expressing excitement in this reply about a person’s joyful expression and conveying joy for the upcoming encounter in a friendly way or without over-complicating.

Looking forward to our reunion.

This response expresses your desire for a future gathering or meeting with the person by conveying excitement in a warm and positive tone. They could be your long-awaited person or friend.

Take it easy, see you soon.

It combines a casual farewell with compassion, encouraging them to relax while conveying the expectation of meeting again soon in a friendly and supportive way.

We’ll pick up where we left off. See you soon

You are telling them to continue a previous conversation, resume the things that were left off for the next meeting, and promise to reconnect soon in a proper way. They could be your client, boss, or prospect.

I’ll be counting down the days.

You anticipate the upcoming meeting by passionately telling them you are awaiting the event out of excitement and that person is also looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Sounds like a plan.

You almost agree or approve that the proposed plan is acceptable to you or the person in a casual and positive way, without forcefully stretching your words or talks.

How To Reply See You Soon

You can also receive See you soon other than in chats, emails, or calls. 

With these replies, you can handle those emails and matters pretty easily:

Stay in touch and meet up soon.

In this reply, you encourage ongoing communication and make plans to meet again to maintain contact in a friendly way.

Sure boy! See ya soon

This response combines casual familiarity with your excitement for the upcoming meeting. It uses informal language about seeing the person soon but in a more relaxed way.

Thank you for the notice, see you soon too.

This reply is to inform you about the upcoming event and your desire to see them soon, as it also appreciates the notification in a polite way for future meetings.

How To Reply See You Soon Formal

If you work in the corporate sector or you deal with clients or meet them almost every day, using the same “See You Soon” reply can be boring and informal sometimes.

Here are formal versions of these replies so you can start using them in your next client call or meeting.

Until we meet again, take care.

You are saying goodbye to them by expressing a desire for their well-being until the next meeting, conveying fondness, and telling them to stay safe and healthy.

Looking forward to catching up with you soon.

You are showing interest in this reply to reconnect with the person in the near future. Your tone conveys excitement and commitment about the upcoming meeting while remaining friendly and positive.

Can’t wait for our next meeting, please stay safe.

You combine excitement for the upcoming meeting with a sincere wish for their safety and wish them to meet again safely and in excellent health.

Safe journey until we meet once again, very soon.

If your client has a long journey ahead, this reply reflects a wish for a safe journey until the next meeting. You are conveying anticipation for the upcoming reunion and the expectation of meeting again soon.

Absolutely, see you soon.

You agree to an act or agreement and set your eyes on an upcoming meeting with them concisely and with positive intention.

Sounds great, see you then.

Again, you are agreeing to a talk you just had with them, and you are now planning for a meeting with that person with positivity and on the correct appointment as scheduled.

What To Say When Someone Says See You Soon Funny

Adding a bit of humor to your responses is always a nice idea to maintain or elevate your respect in the eyes of others, be it your clients or colleagues.

These few funny replies to “see you soon” can be practical for your case.

You better bring snacks next time.

You are adding a playful tone to the conversation, great humor, and a bit of your preference since you like snacks. You are suggesting that to the next meeting or any upcoming gathering between you two.

I’ll try not to forget your face by then.

You are humorously mentioning the time gap until the next meeting, so the person will make an effort to meet as soon as possible and remember your or his face until the upcoming reunion.

I’ll prepare the cannons for your grand entrance.

This response humorously suggests a grand welcome for their arrival with exaggerated language due to excitement.

See you too, only if pizza is involved.

If you like Pizza and you are going to have a meeting with them anytime soon, you are telling them to bring it so we can have a great meeting.

This will add joy, fun, and humor to your reply and probably to that meeting.

Best Replies To See You Later

See you later can also be used in exchange for seeing you soon because they both have almost similar meanings.

But if you want some alternatives to this, too, here are some examples to test your luck.

I’ll be missing our conversations, see you soon.

You are anticipating the next meeting and conveying that you or the person will miss the enjoyable conversations until then for a heartfelt touch and the excitement for future interactions.

It would be great if we could meet up again soon.

A desire to meet again to reconnect as a genuine interest in maintaining the relationship and enjoying spending time together.

I appreciate your time and will see you soon, probably tomorrow.

You are expressing gratitude for their time and conveying a commitment to meeting again soon, possibly as early as the following day.

Sounds good, see you later.

A straightforward, standard, but very effective reply to see you later.

You are positively praising their plan and indicating that you will see them later in a casual and friendly way.

What is A Good Response To See You Then

See you then is similar to See you later, but it’s more useful when you have already decided on a time or place to meet and have specifics now.

Anyways, these four can be pretty good responses to see you then:

Hope to connect again in the near future.

You are telling them about a desire to reconnect in the future for healthy interactions and a genuine interest in maintaining the relationship as much as you can.

I appreciate it, see you soon.

You are showing gratitude for something you previously mentioned and indicate a positive outlook toward the prospect of seeing you soon for upcoming meetings and interactions.

Sounds good, looking forward to it.

You are again agreeing to the plan for the upcoming event out of a positive attitude and agreeing to participate in any activity, be it a meeting, party, or call.

See you then at the Marriott, bye.

It confirms the meeting location by providing clarity and maintaining a good and straightforward tone.


Saying See you soon is a friendly approach to saying goodbye, but it is still not the best.

And, if you struggle to find the best replies to see you sooner or later, or you don’t know how to respond to a “see you” message better, these 27 responses and examples can be an excellent way to do it.

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