33 Playful Flirty Responses To You’re Sweet

Compliments like “you are so sweet” can be the best source to boost your energy and confidence.

But, do you always struggle to come up with a flirty response after hearing this from your crush?

Oh Yes, it can be challenging sometimes to come up with flirty replies, but it is not impossible.

Don’t worry because it is a problem with everyone and in this article, I’ll show 33 flirty responses to “You’re Sweet Text”.

So, when you get it next time, you will for sure have a lot of flirty responses to You’re Sweet.

5 Best Playful Flirty Responses To You're Sweet [Infographics]

33 Flirty Responses To You’re Sweet

  1. Thank you, you’ve sweetened me up and I’ll return the favor too.
  2. Yep, I’m sweet, but just for you and only for tonight.
  3. I’m sweet because you treat me like your sugar.
  4. You’re sweet too, and this sweetness draws us together.
  5. Aww, thank you! I’m genuinely melting away.
  6. Yep, I’m sweet and borrowed some of it from you.
  7. You’re sweet! How about If we meet up for a coffee?
  8. Thanks! You know how to make me feel like I’m the only one in this room.
  9. Thanks! You’re seriously making me blush.
  10. Let’s continue showering each other with compliments in our conversation.
  11. Aww, Thank you for noticing my superpower.
  12. You’re my cherry sweet and reflection.
  13. You’re sweet too! How about grabbing some dinner together this week?
  14. That’s incredible to hear from you. Thank you so much.
  15. Thanks, but I bet I won’t be able to stop myself.
  16. Hehe thanks, You just uncovered one of my hidden talents.
  17. That’s true, but there’s more to me than just sweetness. Gonna find out?
  18. You’ve melted my heart with yours. I must be the luckiest!
  19. Thank you! Honestly, you’re also the sweetest person I know.
  20. You’re sweet too! It’s like our sweetness turns up when we’re together.
  21. Let’s unite our paths and be together, forever.
  22. You truly make me feel special. Thank you.
  23. I adore our time together, and now, I’m craving even more.
  24. Thanks! I may be, but you’re the sweetheart here.
  25. Thanks! I’ll see it as a sign to keep sharing the love around.
  26. You inspire me to be sweet!
  27. If I’m sweet, you’re undoubtedly the sweetest dessert.
  28. Haha, thank you! You’re giving me a glow.
  29. Yeah, I know. And I bet you say that to all the other girls too, don’t you?
  30. Aah, yes! It’s all those candies, strawberries, and chocolates I’ve been eating.
  31. Yeah, that’s me, and you’re a cherry on the top.
  32. Do you think I’m sweet? Then, Must be the chocolate I had this morning.
  33. Well, I’d rather prefer pizza instead of sweets.

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How To Respond When A Guy Says You’re Sweet

How To Respond When A Guy Says You're Sweet

If you are a girl and a guy says you’re sweet, you need to analyse the situation slightly, but not much.

You can respond, “Thanks, and you too”, but it’s not flirty.

Instead, you can say:

Thanks, you made me sweet and I’ll make you too

When you respond to this, you’re acknowledging the compliment and adding a little touch of humour.

Your sweetness is attributed to your superpower for a fun and lovely conversation.

You are also expressing gratitude for keeping the conversation positive, warm, and flirting.

Yeah, I’m sweet but only for you & only for tonight

With this reply, you’re indicating that your sweetness is exclusively for one person you’re speaking to.

It also adds a romantic touch and personalization to the conversation, particularly a special connection to make it more exciting and memorable.

I’m sweet because you treat me like I’m your sugar

You are sending the compliment back by saying it to the person.

Their actions and treatment make you feel sweet and appreciated, to put a good dynamic in the conversation.

It’s a charming way to acknowledge the compliment, positive impact, and their good behaviour on you.

You’re sweet too and sweetness is what attracts us

You are bouncing back the compliment and mutual attraction between you two.

It is creating a flirty exchange and appreciation for each other’s sweetness.

Aww Thank you, I’m seriously melting down

You are warmly expressing gratitude and indicating the real effect of their compliment on you with a bit of humour.

It creates a charming moment of intimacy for an appreciated feeling.

Yeah I’m sweet and yes, I borrowed it from you

You’re acknowledging their sweetness and attributing back your sweetness to them with a flirty exchange for a shared flirt in the conversation.

You’re sweet! Let’s catch up over coffee, would you?

A charming reversal of the compliment with an invitation, suggests a desire to casually spend more time together for relaxation.

It encourages further interaction and connection.

Thanks! And you perfectly know how to make a girl feel special

An acknowledgment of their ability to make you feel valued and appreciated.

It’s a sweet and flattering response highlighting the positive impact of their words on you.

Thanks, You’re making me blush, seriously!

A common but effective response.

You’re playfully expressing appreciation for a noticeable effect on you with extremely light sarcasm.

The moment of connection and warmth makes them feel good.

You too! Let’s keep the compliments coming in this conversation

You encourage and invite them further for positive interaction by setting a conversational tone and mutual appreciation for enjoyment between you.

How To Respond When A Girl Says You’re Sweet

How To Respond When A Girl Says You're Sweet

When a Girl says You’re Sweet to a Guy, the Guy may receive it as welcoming and joyful, more than girls do.

Yes, it’s a fact.

I’ve been in a relationship for more than two years and I clearly remember when she first sent me this text and my joyful feelings inside me.

So, when she says you are sweet, you can say in response:

I’m glad you noticed it, It’s my superpower & Thanks

You are attributing your sweetness to a superpower to make the conversation engaging and a must to follow up reply with a Thanks.

You are casually expressing gratitude for a warm conversation.

You too are my cherry sweet and reflection

You are creatively returning the compliment with a twist to add depth and charm to the conversation.

It surely is a flattering response that shows appreciation and compliments.

You’re sweet too. Want to grab some dinner this week?

A friendly and inviting compliment while also suggesting an enjoyable way to spend time together.

A charming and direct invitation can help them see your interest in advancing the connection better.

That’s so nice of you, Thank you

A down-to-earth reply for a genuine and appreciative compliment.

It’s a simple response but showing kindness for their words.

Thanks, you are making me irresistible

You are accepting the compliment while acknowledging the impact it has on you.

This response adds a charming and flirtatious dynamic to the conversation.

Hehe Thanks for discovering one of my talents

You’re responding again with appreciation and complimenting them back over your talent and positive traits.

This response adds a conversational tone to make it enjoyable for both.

That’s true, but it’s not the only thing in me, Try Me

You are complimenting and teasing the other person to discover more about you, beyond your sweetness also adding a hint of mystery for furthering the conversation.

You’re melting my heart and spreading love, Lucky me!

A genuine appreciation for their kind words and acknowledging the positive impact they have on you.

It is adding warmth and affection to the conversation.

TYSM! You’re too, the sweetest person I know, honestly

Acknowledging and admiring another person’s sweetness while also expressing your genuineness for them to deepen the connection with a decent affection in the interaction.

You’re sweet too! But only when I’m with you

You are flirty teasing them and suggesting the height of it in your presence for a flirty and charming twist.

This response creates intimacy and exclusivity for you both.

Come on, make me proud, guys!

How To Respond To Aww, You’re So Sweet

How To Respond To Aww, You’re So Sweet

Believe it or not, it’s the purest form to know when someone’s interested in you.

The “Aww” is a kind of subject from person to person and it can be a habit too.

But, if she or he has not used the Aww before in any of your conversations, take it as a hint and reply with confidence without thinking too deeply.

There could be endless replies such as:

Let’s join our ways and be mine, together, forever

A heartfelt and romantic sentiment desiring a deeper connection and commitment with them.

You are adding sincerity while conveying your genuine feelings and intentions.

You make me feel so special, Thank you

A genuine gratitude for their words, against a positive impact they have on you while adding an appreciation to the conversation.

I love spending time with you & now, I want it more

You are joyful and excited to be in their company and now you desire to spend more time together for a deeper connection.

It is adding affection and love to the conversation with them.

Thanks! I’m sweet and You’re such a sweetheart

You are being playful and highlighting the mutual sweetness between you two.

It adds a charming and affectionate tone to the conversation.

Thanks! I’ll take it as a sign to keep spreading the love

Accept the compliment but also express your intention to continue spreading kindness and love.

It is a perfectly cheerful and optimistic tone in your conversation to achieve.

You are my inspiration for sweetness!

You’re expressing admiration and gratitude for them and describing their positive influence on you.

For an affectionate tone and a deeper connection between you.

If I’m sweet, you’re the sweetest dessert, honestly

You are now complimenting their sweetness and emphasizing it charmingly for an added affection to the conversation and highlighting the other person’s special qualities.

Funny Response To You’re So Sweet

Funny Response To You're So Sweet

If a guy is trying to be funny, the response and its intensity can change.

In this particular case, you need to be a bit creative and wake up your light sense of humour.

Here are a few responses you can use:

Haha, thank you, I’m blushing

An appreciation and acknowledgment of the compliment for a visible effect on you.

This response is a genuine tone of conversation between two people.

Yeah I know, And I know you say this to all other girls too

You are now teasing them with laughter for them by using similar compliments with others.

It is more responsive but aggressive in some cases, but worth it.

Haha Yes! because I’ve been eating candies, strawberries, and chocolates

A response with humour with delightful treats.

It can be so much more relatable if they like candies and chocolates since you are bringing more personalization.

Yeah that’s me and you are the cherry on top

You are accepting the compliment and expressing it for them too for a finishing and sweeter touch. 

You think I’m? Must be the chocolate I had this morning

The compliments to your sweetness to chocolate are more relatable if they like it.

It adds humour and personalization again to the conversation and makes it memorable…

Sweetness is overrated but I’d love to prefer Pizza instead

If you like BBQ, fast and spicy food more than sweet stuff, you are doing the right job by preferring pizza over traditional sweetness for adding humour and telling them about your likes and dislikes. 


Coming out with flirty responses to “You are sweet” is not a hard nut to crack.

You only need to play your cards right and be creative with your thoughts to come up with impactful responses to You Are Sweet texts. 

Take inspiration from these 33 responses I crafted for you and do the sweetest thing together.

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