30 Funny Ways To Say You Want To Smash

Ready to add a spice of Humor to your relationship and romantic intentions?

Sometimes, expressing your desire to ‘smash’ can be too complicated, but fear not!

We’ve got you covered with some hilariously creative ways to tell them you’re totally into them and you want to smash.

Check out these 30 funny ways to say ‘you want to smash’ to get what you both want.

30 Funny Ways To Say You Want To Smash 30 Funny Ways To Say You Want To Smash

30 Funny Ways To Say You Want To Smash

  1. How about we shake things up?
  2. Ready to burn some fire in the bedroom?
  3. Let’s turn up the heat and melt the ice!
  4. Shall we make the neighbours jealous?
  5. How about making some magic between the sheets?
  6. Ready for a gravity check on the bed?
  7. Can we make the bed squeak with delight?
  8. Want a game of passion and pillow fights?
  9. Ready to dive into a sea of affection and cuddles?
  10. Let’s create some sparks and light up the night!
  11. Want to join me in a dance of desire?
  12. Ready to make some sweet music together?
  13. Can we make the stars jealous of our love?
  14. Want to join me in a cuddle fest?
  15. Up to make the room burst with love?
  16. Let’s see who runs out of breath first.
  17. Let’s dive into each other’s intimacy.  
  18. Ready to make some waves and rock the boat of love?
  19. Let’s create a love earthquake!
  20. Ready to make the room spin with desire?
  21. Ready to discover the ultimate cuddle Olympics?
  22. Want to explore the wild world of pillow talk?
  23. How about we make the bed blush?
  24. How about we play a game of “Hide and Seek” with the lights off?
  25. Want to turn up the heat and make the mercury rise?
  26. Let’s creak the bed with pleasure!
  27. Let’s make some waves in the love ocean!
  28. Ready to make some memories that will last a lifetime?
  29. Let’s see if we can make the angels jealous of our love!
  30. Ready to make the room sizzle?

How about we stir things up a bit?

It gives a playful touch to the idea of shaking things up in the relationship, perhaps implying a desire to pop some excitement.

Ready to ignite a bedroom bonfire?  

You are using a fiery tone to the idea of intimacy, hinting at a desire to create intense and memorable moments together in the bedroom.

Let’s crank up the thermostat and thaw the chill!

It is a humorous suggestion that will literally warm up the atmosphere, melting away any coldness or distance in the relationship.

Let’s give the neighbours something to talk about.

By using this clue, you imply a desire to create excitement in the neighbourhood and memorable experiences together.

How about conjuring up some bedroom enchantment?

Here you’re proposing to create an atmosphere of magic and wonder in the bedroom, where their love sparks joy and excitement.

Ready for a bed bounce test?

A shorter way to confess you want to involve engaging in a fun and unforced activity of testing the bounce of the bed to enjoy each other’s company in a carefree and relaxed manner.

Can we orchestrate a symphony of squeaks and giggles?

This message proposes to create joyful sounds such as giggles in the bedroom.

However, they can share laughter and joy for lasting memories of happiness.

Fancy a round of passion-packed pillow play?

You intimately spin the idea of spending quality time together and imply a desire for love and fun-filled moments in the bedroom.

Ready to plunge into a sea of snuggles and affection?

Here, you confess that you want to invite your partner to embrace your desire for warmth and closeness, to find comfort and happiness in each other’s arms.

Let’s spark a love-light show.

This advice playfully implies a wish to create a shining display of affection and romance and burn a spark of love and excitement in the relationship.

Want to join me for a dance of desire?

With the addition of romantic flair, you invite the partner to engage in their shared desire and passion for each other, to make connections on a deeper level.

Ready to compose a sweet love melody together? 

This describes a desire to collaborate on creating a beautiful and harmonious relationship, like composing a sweet love song together.

Can we make the stars envious of our bond?

It playfully suggests aiming for love so bright and strong that even the stars would desire the bond shared between the couple. 

Up for a cozy cuddle fest?

This suggestion invites partners to give way in a warm cuddling session and highlights a desire for closeness in a cozy and comforting atmosphere. 

Let’s fill the room with love bursts

It suggests a wish to surround themselves with the joy and happiness of their relationship, making every moment together special and memorable.

Let’s see who needs a breather first.

This text adds a competitive edge and suggests a challenge to see who can keep up with the passion and intensity of the moment.

Ready to explore the depths of intimacy?  

You want to invite the partner to begin on a journey of deeper connection and understanding a desire to explore the emotional and physical aspects of intimacy together.

Want to ride the waves of love?

By building a poetic and romantic flair you’re inviting the partner to grab the ups and downs of love’s journey together, much like riding the waves of the ocean. 

Let’s shake things up with a love tremor. 

It keeps an adventurous tone, and you are proposing to feel excitement and energy in the relationship with a tremor of love.

Ready to make the room whirl with desire? 

You’re signaling a whirlwind of desire for an exciting and passionate encounter, where the intensity of their feelings sweeps them both off their feet.

Ready to earn gold in the Cuddle Olympics?

This suggests a competitive twist to the idea of cuddling, shaping it as a joyful competition related to the Olympics with a touch of humour and fun.

How about we dive into the depths of pillow talk?

This tip implies a desire for deep connection and emotional intimacy, exploring their thoughts, feelings, and dreams together in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

Let’s make the bed blush with delight.

It humorously describes that you’re craving to create such intense excitement in the bedroom that even the bed itself blushes with pleasure.

Want to play a game of “Dark Room Discovery”? 

This proposal has an adventurous element, proposing a game called “Dark Room Discovery” that involves exploring each other’s bodies and desires in the dark.

How about we raise the room temperature and set hearts ablaze?

You are proposing to increase the room temperature by burning the flames of desire in their hearts so that their love and attraction for each other burns brightly.

Let’s sing the night with bed creaks of pleasure!

This hint points to filling the night with the sounds of pleasure and intimacy, where their physical connection brings joy and satisfaction.

Let’s make some waves in our love ocean!

You romantically relate your love to an ocean and propose to create waves of love and passion with the potential for exciting and memorable experiences together.

Ready to craft memories that shine forever?

It advises an invitation to partners to create lasting and cherished memories together that will shine brightly in their hearts forever. 

Let’s make the angels swoon with our love!

It romantically suggests that their love is so pure and beautiful that it could make the angels themselves pass out with delight. 

Ready to turn up the room’s temperature to sizzling?

You are proposing to increase the room’s temperature to sizzling levels by burning up their desires so that their chemistry creates an unforgettable experience.

How Would I Know the Meaning of Smash And Dash Meaning?

Smash and dash refers to a situation where one person chases a physical relationship with you.

It’s technically a connection without the intention of building a deeper or longer-lasting relationship, but it mostly happens when somebody is really into you.

Other Ways To Say Smash And Dash

You can confess your wants in very unique ways so that you turn that situation into fun.

See these 6 different ways to say hit it and quit it:

  • Up for a personal anatomy lesson?
  • Ready to steam up the room?
  • Let’s earn some Bed Springs loyalty points.
  • Shall we make the walls sweat?
  • Ready for a gravity check on the bed?
  • Want to join me in a dance of desire?


If you’re looking to spice up your relationship or share a laugh with your crush, don’t be afraid to hit your inner comedian, or you can explore these funny ways to say you want to smash.

A little laughter can go a long way in igniting the flames and keeping the romance.

Just utilize these responses or brainstorm your own, but make sure to be respectful and honest.

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